Our donors, volunteers and advocates are the life-blood of our organization. Without their support we could not find homes for so many homeless cats.

Our most sincere appreciation to each and every one of you!

For the cats!

Supporters of My New Cat - listed alphabetically by last name

Kathryn Adams
Nancy Allen
Kendra Berry
Carol Clark-Elliott
Nancy and Jason Davis
Christine Deorio
Gina & Jim Deorio
Lyn and Mike Doyle
Jan Farmer
Pam Frazee
Sandra Gefre
Dianna Gilroy
Nancy Greenwood
Bill Helton
Jessica Herbst
Mike Hickman
LuAnn Keyton
Stephanie Kline
Franziska & Rafael Lang
Alyson Lindsay
Steven Manis
Jim Martin
Nick Martin
Wanda Martin
Ashley Mitchell
Cassie Oshier
Rhea Oshier
Kelly Riley
Stacy Rogers
Linda Underhill
Debbie and George Vansco
Juliane Voorhoeve

If I have inadvertently left your name off our list or misspelled it, please email mynewcat@yahoo.com for corrections.